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Multi-Channel Messaging Service & Smart CRM

It should an universal inbox (Two-way communications and Conversation AI-ready) enable marketers to run campaigns across multiple channels including email, SMS, web chat, live chat, GBP, FB, IG, WhatsApp and other digital touchpoints in one place. Our mandatory Smart CRM encompass the management of customer data, lead tracking, sales pipeline management, contact management and customer interaction history.

Review AI & Database Reactivation Service

Review AI Widget Customisation in reputation management is not just about making reviews look good; it's about strategically leveraging customer feedback to boost reputation, build trust, and drive conversions.

Marketing Automation

Email marketing, Content marketing, lead nurturing, contact segmentation, and other customer-related data activites.

Social Media Planner

Content AI management tool that enables you to create, manage, and schedule all your social contents' post, story or reel.

Workflow AI

a revolutionary workflow action that harnesses the power like GPT-4 to enhance your business automation strategies.

Payment Management

To facilitate payment processing, invoicing and tracking for close more deals online:

Payment Integration

Integrated with popular payment gateways and processors, allowing seamless and secure online payment process for your customers. E.g. Stripe, Paypal, Apply Pay, Google pay...

Transaction Management

Custom proposal and contract builder allow you to perform e-Signature process. The signature certificate will capture information like IP address, location, viewed and signed date and time for all recipients who signed the document.

Drip Campaign, Lead Scoring Management

A Contact Engagement Score is a metric used to measure how actively and effectively a contact or lead interacts with an organization or business. It's commonly used to assess the level of interest, involvement, or responsiveness of a contact or lead. The score helps businesses prioritize their efforts in communicating with a lead, lead nurturing and sales prospecting.

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We understood no single hat can perform the whole marketing stack in terms of sales and revenue perspectives. Don't let your website or content visitors fly away and don't let your money wasted on the table, let's schedule a demo with us.

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We are a versatile platform system WITH SUPPORT for your daily use on your business. Your customers-users will experience alternative good and modern service from you. And, most of the value that business owners on lead-generation with higher conversions and better customer long-term relationship management will never have a bottle-neck.

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